“5 Minutes could Save you 5 Hours or MORE!”
Our Professional Wash-Dry-Fold Service is convenient, affordable and professional!
We use our supplies (or we can use yours), saves your gas, saves parking hassles for you
Saves your time, money –and we still use high quality detergents, bleach and softener!

element got dirty laundry

Fluff and Fold = Wash and Fold = Wash, Dry & Fold = Fluff n Fold
(They all mean the same thing- but they are not all the same
We pick up your “Dirty Laundry” – wash it, dry it…
then fold or hang as needed and deliver it back to you Fresh and Clean!)


24 hour Service 7 days a week.


A few very important points right up front!

  • We now offer “24 Hour” turnaround (up to 100 pounds).
  • We are NOT accepting DRY CLEANING ORDERS at this time
  • All orders are processed in a Commercial Laundromat
  • The Laundromat is Ultra Modern and Ultra Clean
  • All orders are processed by a Professionally Trained Staff
  • All orders are processed separately (never mingled with any other order)
  • All items are sorted and processed accordingly (colors, whites, delicates, etc.)
  • We supply top quality detergents, bleaches, softeners (or you can provide your own)
  • We work Seven (7) Days a week
  • All customers are treated with the utmost courtesy
  • Every effort is taken to accommodate your pick up and delivery needs
  • You may schedule a delivery at any time after next day or second day as well
  • We offer Special Discounts to Seniors, Military and those with Special Needs
  • We offer special pricing depending on your location and needs
  • We do offer commercial rates based on frequency and amount
  • We do not offer any alteration service
  • We accept orders that are “Wet”. Then we weigh and price the order when completed and dry!




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Let us take a load or two off!
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Check out San Diego FluffnFold Personal Laundry Service. We pick up your dirty laundry and return it--- Fresh n Clean!